Ways to fall asleep faster – A guide to more sleep

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.” – Anthony Burgess

So there’s a lot of reasons why people can’t sleep, commonly stress, hunger or your partner is a loud snorer! It can seem like a vicious cycle of lack of sleep leading to more stress and exhaustion and then everything goes pear shaped, lack of sleep is the worst whether you only need a few hours to help you power through the day or you love that lie in on off days!

I had sleeping problems all through school and still to this day as I begin my adult life and to be quite honest I’m sick of it and I’m sure you are too. I don’t want to go down the road of sleeping pills or any other medication to reduce stress and depression so I asked myself what do I do? Here are the ways to fall asleep faster!

Meditate shortly before bed

Meditation helps one relax and destress after a busy day. It will take your mind off the negatives if done right. I recommend guided meditation since it keeps your mind focused and you won’t drift or get bored as easily as when you have to try focus yourself! Once you have finished meditating you’ll feel relaxed and positive and most likely go to sleep with a smile on your face, so stress won’t stop you sleeping! I’ve written about mindfulness meditation here, if you want to know how it works!

Eat an hour or two before bed

Hunger can have a significant impact on sleep. When I don’t eat fairly close to my bed time I think of food and don’t sleep because all my brain is telling me is you need a sandwich! If you are following a strict diet and fitness routine then don’t worry about eating calories later on at night as long as it’s not too far past 7 or 8 and a low carbohydrate meal! This way you will still be dieting correctly but sleeping better too.

Turn off electrics 30 minutes before bed

Almost everyone in this generation who has a mobile phone will get distracted by it at night. When you’re in bed and you finally have time to catch up with all your friends and the latest news on social media platforms you’ll kind of get hooked and time flies and suddenly you have to sleep. But focusing on a screen keeps your brain in gear and the light increases serotonin in your brain which keeps you focused. If you put your phone down and go to try to go to sleep straight away, you haven’t given your brain enough time to unfocus and tell itself you need to sleep.

Read a book

Ok so if you’re a fan of game of thrones and the marvel comics like me and like to let your imagination come to life, reading is perfect for you! This will let you escape stress and focus on something positive! You’re also going to learn a lot from reading. Most of the world’s richest people read a lot of books. Bill gates reads a book a week, which seems like a mammoth task, but he’s reading some of the best books out there like there here.

On one hand, reading requires and increases focus, on the other hand it’s calming and will give you heavy eyes and is therefore important to help you sleep. I think if you aren’t a keen reader then a book will bore you and make you feel drowsy but also from my experience I get tired after reading so it can work both ways I guess.

Have a sleeping pattern

You need a sleeping pattern of some sort. For years I looked forward to a lie in on days off from school or work, there was nothing better than waking up whenever I felt like it with no alarm. But the thing is there are things better than sleeping in. If you naturally struggle to get things done you may notice on days you sleep in, you are less productive and time flies, you’ve just had “breakfast” and suddenly it’s lunchtime and you’re thinking where’s the morning gone?

This is where a sleeping pattern comes in. Many people who work obviously have different shifts each week, so it’s hard to have a routine! One day they may be getting up at 6 to be in work for 7 and the next not need to be in work until mid-afternoon, so their sleeping pattern isn’t really controlled by them, it’s controlled by whatever shift they work the next day. To make sure I feel fresh and get the 7-9 hours sleep I need, I always go to sleep and wake up at the same time if I need to go out early or not. You may be thinking what about watching the programmes on tv I like late at night? It stems down to where your priorities are at, good sleep or late night tv for example. I know there are many other factors and responsibilities that determine sleeping pattern, but having a routine as similar to the previous day as possible tells your body when it needs to sleep and wake up and eventually you won’t need that alarm!

Check out the Dodow which has helped over 150,000 people sleep better!

If nothing else works, medication is your best bet!

I was on the phone to my friend and we actually had this conversation about sleep and he said during busy times he would sometimes need help sleeping, so he headed to the pharmacy and inquired, and left with tablets and a better night sleep. Sleeping pills are easily accessible so just explain your problem and the pharmacy will find you the best option for you! I haven’t tried sleeping pills as I don’t like relying on tablets, but I trust my friends judgement enough to recommend them!

Alternatively, if you don’t want the hassle of getting a prescription, try the Nature Sleep product.

Sleep easy

If you have any methods you that help you sleep then let me know in the comments, it will be interesting to see and maybe to try them! Also, it will only help other users of this site learn too! All in all I hope some of these things work for you! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, would love to hear! If you like, give my social accounts a follow for updates and new content!


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