PrestigeSports XMPRO Dynamic Treadmill vs Sportstech TEST WINNER F37 Professional Treadmill

PrestigeSports XMPRO Dynamic Treadmill

Price: Click here

The cheapest place to buy:

Guarantee: 2 years

My rating: 8/10

About the product

  • GOOD CUSTOMER REVIEWS – from verified purchasers
  • Easy to store – folding design and lightweight.
  • Comes with a manual, fruit infusion bottle and 3 eBooks! Find out more here.
  • 2 Years Motor Warranty & 2 Years On Frame & Parts.
  • Large running surface 1100x400mm.
  • Max user weight 110kg.
  • Max speed 14kph.
  • It has built in speakers with Bluetooth allowing you to listen to music from your phone / iPod while running.
  • Other features include – Heart Rate Sensors, calorie counter and magnetic safety key, drinks holder, towel rail and hand controls.

The Benefits

Uphill running provides the resistance needed to build muscle in your legs. It has 3 levels of incline so if you want to get those calves burning and building then you’ll be able to do that! Furthermore, it holds a weight of up to 110kg (17.3 stone) or the weight of around 194 basketballs, thought you’d like to know!

This treadmill can reach a speed of 14kph (around 8.7mph). Therefore, you will be able to run at a challenging speed and certainly a speed that is going to train those muscles well. I have been consistently running long distance for few months and I personally run at a speed of 7mph (around 11.3kph) for longer distance runs, for beginners this may be a little lower. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your stamina then this machine will certainly help you do that.

The Problems

However, if you want to do sprints then this machine won’t necessarily let you reach full speed like those treadmills in the gym. It also makes a loud noise when running so you may want to make use of the Bluetooth speakers it has.

The running belt needs lubricating around once a week/fortnight depending on how long you use it for which can be a bit of a hassle but it is needed to keep the machine running smoothly and is fairly easy to do.

Overall I think you get good value for money on this machine as it can reach a good speed and certainly quickly enough to help you get fit! Keep reading below for another option.

Sportstech TEST WINNER F37 Professional Treadmill

Price: Click here

The cheapest place to buy:

Guarantee: Up to 5 years

My rating: 9/10

About the product

  • GOOD CUSTOMER REVIEWS – from verified purchasers
  •  Reaches a speed of up to 20 km/h.
  • Has transport rollers and is foldable, for easy storage.
  • Reaches 15% gradient – good for running, jogging and walking.
  •  The self-lubrication system releases silicone oil evenly over a longer period of time which means less hassle for you!
  • Large 5-layer running surface (1,300 x 500 mm) with 8-zone cushioning system, the running machine provides a joint-gentle training opportunity. Particularly useful if you experience pain whilst running long distances.
  • Max load 150kg.
  • Other features include 12 pre installed training programmes, multimedia console and hand pulse measurement.
  • NOTE: Delivery only to kerbside.

The Difference

This treadmill reaches speeds of 20kph (around 12.4mph) which is suitable for intense interval training and if you wanted to do sprints etc. If you want a really challenging walk/run then you can set the gradient to 15%, which is basically like climbing a mountain.

It can hold up to 150kg which is approximately the weight of an adult male panda, or 23.6 stone. This is 40kg more than the treadmill described above. This may be particularly useful if you want to run with a weighted vest or weighted backpack on for example.

Furthermore, it has a self lubrication system so unlike the PrestigeSports XMPRO Dynamic Treadmill, you don’t have the hassle of lifting the running belt up and spraying it. Therefore, you’ll save time, more time for running! Additionally, unlike the PrestigeSports treadmill, the Sportstech treadmill has a thick running belt and is quiet when running.

The verdict

To conclude, if you’re looking for a treadmill that does the job and gets you fitter, then the PrestigeSports XMPRO Dynamic Treadmill will do the job. You’ll save plenty of money and still have a well performing treadmill to use whenever you want.

However, if you want to train in several ways (sprints, hill climbs or intense intervals) then the Sportstech TEST WINNER F37 Professional Treadmill is the more expensive but valuable route of doing so. Furthermore, you won’t have to buy silicone oil/spray and keep applying it.

Both treadmills have a guarantee, are rated at least 4 1/2 stars by Amazon, are good value for money and have good reviews on Amazon, meaning that the option that’s best for you is reliant on how much you’re willing to pay.

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