How to be more productive and organized

Are you struggling to find the time to get everything done? Does it feel like others are doing so much more than you? It can be difficult to accept this and it’s overwhelming thinking about where you should start. You may want to be like these people who seemingly have everything going for them, but not know where to start. Here’s how to be more productive and organized.

Have a morning routine

Many of you will already have one for your job; wake up, wash, eat, take the kids to school, go to work is a classic example.

Getting up at the same time every morning even when you don’t need to will give your life structure and at the same time you give yourself more time to do everything, I personally love getting all the boring things out of the way in the morning like the housework or shopping, this is so I have more time to spend with friends and family later in the day (when most of them are actually awake haha). I’m not quite a Mark Walberg 4am workout club but the concept is the same, and it works! Getting up in the morning is also very difficult, and staying up late can be very tempting, but to make it easier, make your job something you have passion for and you love, please to this.

However, by a morning routine I mean exercise and/or meditation. Both of these help relieve stress and boost “happy” chemicals in the brain, so why aren’t you doing them? A run/workout of 20 minutes or meditation for the same duration will immediately put you on the right road to a productive day. Why is this? Because you’re getting up and attacking the day, not getting up because it’ll keep you your job. If you don’t have a treadmill but are thinking about buying one then check out this review.

Make daily goals

Everyone makes new years resolutions, some stick to them, some don’t, but what about daily resolutions? As Gary Vee said “people should make new years resolutions if they were watching his motivational video on January 1st, but if they are watching on december 23rd then they should be making december 23rd resolutions”. Let that sink in for a second.

He’s saying why wait for a new year when you have a new day tomorrow to start fresh? A new week to learn from last weeks mistakes. This is going to sound crazy, but I love mondays, they are the start of the week and the start of new weekly targets, and as I just said they can be seen as the start of you learning from last weeks mistakes. Anyway that has helped me get through mondays (which I used to hate), you should try it.Keep-a-journal

Keep a journal

You could to this for many reasons. You can obviously write about how your day was and what happened. You can just write down the positive things in your life and you’ll be surprised that by focusing on the positives in life, you become more optimistic and less pessimistic. You can also use a journal to record progress with training and diet to track your improvement a set more specific goals from that. You could even use this to plan the following day, to save time having to think about it the next day so you can labour on!

Keep things stored in the same place

Label certain work projects/notes and keep them in the same folder, use certain draws to keep letters/bills in. This the method of repetition will help you remember where they are (association theory in psychology). It also prevents different information being mixed up and you save time having to sort things. You must know that feeling when you’re in a rush and you can’t find something and you start to get stressed and frustrated with yourself, well order things as often as you can and this will happen less. The time saved looking for the missing item, is time gained getting on with the tasks you need to do that day. Time to head to the store and get some files!

Keeping discipline

If you want to get more done every week then you have to do something every day as opposed to loads on one day to the point of absolute boredom and none on the next. If you have an essay or report to write, set a daily word count to write and meet it no matter what, or even surpass it if you can! If you have a certain number of jobs to complete by the end of the week, split them up into groups, the hardest first so that you give yourself the most time to tackle the biggest challenges. This is probably the hardest part of being productive and organised, discipline comes with hours and hours of practice and needs a good routine and goal in place to do so. You have to be passionate about what you to, to keep this up for a long time otherwise you’re going to burn out. Here’s a book explaining how to be disciplined .

You are what you eatvitamin-c

Obviously you can’t eat productivity, but you can eat to improve energy and focus, which result in higher productivity. If you eat a healthy balanced diet and avoid junk food for most or all the week, you will have more energy to get things done. Citrus fruits high in vitamin c will give you the sugars you need for that buzz and plenty of water will improve blood circulation to get nutrients around your body faster, making you sharper and smarter. Furthermore, some other foods packed with nutrition are wild salmon, eggs, quinoa, spinach and blueberries. Additionally, try multivitamin supplements such as this one to get some nutrients!

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort – Paul J. Meyer

Remember not to lose confidence in yourself when it seems like people around you are doing better, they’re following their own path, and you’re following yours, it’s important not to see it as a competition! Do some of these things I’ve mentioned daily and you’ll notice a difference in no time at all! Drop me a comment if you want to share what keeps you working at your best and post any questions you have regarding this topic. Thanks for reading!

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Stay blessed!


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