DTX Folding Fitness Bench Review – A good home gym needs a good bench

Product: DTX Folding Fitness Bench Review

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Size: L: 106cm – W: 50cm – H: flat position 44cm / the highest position 114cm  Folded: 109cm x 47cm x 22.5cm

Guarantee: No

My rating: 9.5/10

An important part to any home gym, is a good fitness bench. By a good fitness bench, I mean one that adjusts to all positions required for chest exercises and shoulder exercises for example.

The DTX Folding Fitness Bench is a fully adjustable bench with 6 flat/incline backrest positions. This bench can be used for anything from a full vertical shoulder press to a decline bench press so caters to almost every exercise. The bench is made of a strong steel frame. The max load for the bench including the lifter is 250kg.

So does the DTX Folding Fitness Bench fit the bill?


Assembly is straightforward as the instructions are well written. Due to this, it should not take hours to assemble so you can look forward to using it the same day! However, keep in mind that the product doesn’t include a spanner and requires 10mm, 14mm & 17mm spanners to assemble.

Safety and usage

Due to its max load being 250kg, the DTX folding Fitness Bench is safe to use for someone well over 6ft and 100kg. Obviously this bench may not be appropriate for somebody builders but for anyone starting out with weight training to experienced lifters this bench is a safe bet. It’s also sturdy for its price so offers good value for money.



Weighing up

On the other hand there’s no holder for your legs whilst in a decline position. This makes it harder to balance however can also help strengthen your core. Moreover, it doesn’t have a joined frame for a barbell to be rested on so you’ll probably require a spotter if you’re using a bar. Finally, some people have said the screws aren’t the right size, but have also said that once up the bench is sturdy.

On the other hand, have you ever had the struggle in or outside the gym of struggling to the move a bench with no wheels? The DTX Folding Fitness Bench has wheels so can be moved with ease. Furthermore, it’s fairly light and folds down easily so is quicker to store. This is obviously convenient if you’re rushed for time or very tired.

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