Daily Fitness Tips – Biggest Fitness Myths

I would have loved to have known all the things I’m going to mention on here, when I started a few years ago! it would save so much time but hopefully from reading this you will all learn something. Here are the biggest fitness myths.Daily Fitness Tips - Biggest Fitness Myths

Abs exercises alone burn belly fat

To get abs, you can’t simply just do ab exercises. To get your abs to show, you need to lower your body fat percentage, which can be done using interval training such as HITT. This can be done on an exercise bike such as this one.

Furthermore, you need a healthy and balanced diet to feed your body with the best nutrients. There’s also the factor of drinking lots of water to get these nutrients to the muscles. Then plenty of sleep is more important than training all the time, resting will give your body chance to catch up and strengthen you up!

Eat big get big

This is just simply not true, it’s more like eat big get fat. When I first started gym I knew literally nothing on the matter, I was a very slim guy and I wanted to put on weight. So I asked “How do I put on size?” and the answer I got was, “eat more” which technically helped me put on size, but I had little to no definition and this was frustrating as I was seemingly putting in hours of work and getting nothing out of it.

Eating big could mean a fry up in the morning, a pasty for lunch and Mcdonalds after work for example, all meals full of saturated fat! Despite there also being a lot of protein in fried and processed meats, the fat content is just so high that you can’t expect to get ripped with this diet. Instead, you need to eat most of the foods that I’ve mentioned in a previous article, which can be found here.

If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough

There are two gyms in my town, one has the air con blasting, the other doesn’t, which do you think I train in? Having the air conditioning on all the time makes it a challenge to even sweat so there’s one reason and vice versa! Also, you can work hard but not at a high intensity, the high intensity will make you sweat more. You could be lifting heavy but having a few minutes rest, if you were working on strength for example. There’s also genetics, some people just sweat loads and some don’t at all! Therefore, sweating depends on certain conditions and doesn’t mean you aren’t doing enough!

Don’t train on an empty stomachDaily Fitness Tips - Biggest Fitness Myths

This is a topic I’m always talking about with my friends, what do I eat and how much before training? We all have different answers but that’s because our goals are different. I’m currently training to build strength and muscle, whereas a friend of mine is training to burn fat. This makes our general diet and eating habits quite a bit different. For each muscle group I’m training, I’ll spend 30 minutes to an hour training that muscle, if this is two muscle groups on the same day then this makes my workout anywhere from an hour to two hours, so I definitely need food beforehand, usually something fairly high in carbohydrates for a slow release energy source and fresh juice for an energy boost and maintaining performance over a long period.

My friend will train in the mornings too, and not have anything to eat. He does fasted cardio, which is training when food isn’t still being digested at the time of exercise. My friend does this because he raises his metabolism and says it makes him more productive in the mornings.

You shouldn’t exercise every day

The people saying this are either wrong or they mean don’t over train by training every day. I exercise every day if I can but I always have harder days than others. I set Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays for weightlifting and the others are either for rest or active recovery. The myth is that training every day doesn’t give your body enough rest and you are going to injure yourself, I beg to differ. I’ll mostly train hard 4 days a week, and have the weekend without any really challenging exercise. However on these “rest” days I do a bit of active recovery, for example a 20-minute gentle swim. This way I feel like I’m being more productive. It also helps circulation and flexibility, which makes active recovery an important part of fitness. Here’s a treadmill review if you’d like to have an option for active recovery from the comfort of your own home.Daily Fitness Tips - Biggest Fitness Myths

Women should do different exercises to men

Men and women can both do the same exercises it’s just they don’t choose to! Many men want to build their upper body whereas many women want to build their glutes and legs. Men also build muscle and strength faster than women partly due to the high levels of testosterone in their body. However, there are many female body builders and power lifters so it is dependent on your goals and work ethic!

The more you ache, the better your workout

Aching shows that you have pushed your muscles past failure yes, but does that mean you’re making more gains? No. Here’s why;

If you train to an intensity that makes you sore for days after every time you train then the likelihood will be that you’ll over train and cause injury. Many people recommend training 3 times a week as a minimum, so if you are training intensely 3 times a week with plenty of rest in between, then soreness after every workout is fine and that’s a good way to workout every time. However, if you are training 4 or more times a week whilst still being sore and you never have a day when you feel fresh, then you aren’t giving your body time to rest and you’re not making the gains you could be with good rest.

This is a fiercely debated topic, some people like to train every day of the week, others don’t. The main thing to ensure is that you get the rest in too! I’ll usually train for at least 3 weeks straight, and then have at least 3 days off to a week from heavy exercise and will just do either lightweight or swimming as some active recovery. I’ve found that this works for me since whilst I’m doing active recovery, my muscles get chance to catch up and instead of struggling to lift the next week, I’m stronger than before. To ensure this I keep my diet high in protein, usually 2.2x my body weight in kg because I’m currently adding mass.

Less confusion?

Are there any of the biggest fitness myths that I’ve missed? It would be interesting if you could leave them in the comments, would love to hear!

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20 thoughts on “Daily Fitness Tips – Biggest Fitness Myths”

  1. Great stuff, man! I can’t agree more with everything you have said. The one about ‘eat big get big’ BS got me when I was starting. I remember Muhamad Ali also saying ‘I only start counting when it starts to hurt.’

    1. I think “eat big, get big” is probably the most common! I’ve had friends eat whatever they want in large portions and because they’re getting lots of protein they’re still gaining strength and think the diet is working for them. I had a casual diet for a while but I’ve benefitted so much more from a healthy diet which has now turned into a lifestyle!

      1. Eat big to get big works, but it only fills muscles with water making them look big. I was very close to do as the majority does until I saw some better solutions and applied a much healthier diet. As you said, it’s a lifestyle and it should be done correctly. A lot more to learn is ahead of me. Thanks!

  2. I agree that on down days of exercising performing some type of activity helps me stay motivated and in line with working out. If I exercise hard every day I’m over doing it and my body is less likely to forgive me. I do like the treadmill review and am in the market for a new one. Thanks for the information.

    1. Yeah I totally agree, it’s easy to over train! On rest days I only do an amount of exercise that doesn’t require a lot of time under tension. Glad it’s helped, there’s lots of treadmills out there but these two are great!

  3. Hi, Nick, awesome article and I agree with everything here. The one that really jumps out at me was the “eat big to get big” mentality. I fell for this when I was younger, myself because I followed the same advice from a lot of the people I looked up to in the gym. Unfortunately, none of them knew what they were talking about, so as I learned more about diet, my results changed for the better. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I think “eat big, get big” is the most common one for young guys looking to improve themselves! I liked having someone to look up to in the gym too, but I reached a point where I was frustrated with a lack of progress and didn’t know why, so I sorted out my diet which is now a lifestyle. Best change I could’ve made! The funny thing is, now the same people are asking me for tips on diet! Thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. Very informative overall. I especially found “The More You Ache, The Better Your Workout” to be informative. Most attribute the days of soreness to building new muscle but not always a good thing if not properly recovered in time for your next workout. Great read thanks for the info.

    1. I’m glad you learned something new here! I treat rest as seriously as the quality of my training, both together make for a great program and the results you’re aiming for.

  5. Great article as it touched on key points in exercise training .I personally like to train after work during the week in the evening doing HITT .Using alternate doing some calisthenics every other day. Really do not use weights other than my own body weight.But proper exercise goes hand in hand with proper diet and rest

    1. I have a friend who does the same! She says it’s the best stress reliver she can do and loves to be working on herself until she hits the sheets!

  6. Hello Nick,
    You have provided some really good information in this article. I always thought if you wasn’t sweating that you wouldn’t get the same benefits from a good workout. I don’t sweat a lot and often wondered if it was slowing me down from gaining muscle mass during my workouts. Thanks for letting me know differently.
    I’ll checkout the exercise bike you mentioned. I need a good indoor bike.

    1. Hi Devara!
      I’m glad you took something from this article! When I started I believed almost every one of these, so glad I know better now! The bike I’ve mentioned is a good budget bike. You get what can be expected with a bike of that price! It does have good reviews on Amazon so is a good buy. If you stick around I’m currently writing an in-depth review on a more expensive yet very good quality indoor bike, which should be done by the end of the week. Hope either of these will help you in the future!

      1. Thanks so much! I’ll certainly take a look at your reviews for indoor bikes. I really need to work on getting back in shape and believe a bike could help a great deal.
        Right now I mostly use my treadmill, but sometimes it helps to break up the routine a little.
        Thanks for getting back to me. I look forward to reading more of your articles in the future.

        1. Using an indoor bike can be better than a treadmill too! When I run long distances I sometimes get pain in my knee. This is due to a weakness which I haven’t found yet! My alternative is swimming or the indoor bike! This is because the weight is taken off your knees. Treadmills are great don’t get me wrong, I prefer running! I just want to make people aware that swimming and cycling are also very good for fitness!

  7. All this information is great! I to am told if I want to get bigger, I just need to eat more, I know it’s not true, but it’s the answer I get all the time. “If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough,” I get this all the time as well, but some workouts aren’t as intense or it’s like a cool down day. Thanks for sharing this information, it’s very helpful!

    1. I’m happy you could relate! If you need some help with nutrition and a healthy diet overall then check the diet page which is on the navigation bar at the top!

  8. I love to lose belly fat. I always thought that train train train was the best no need to rest was the best. Now I know better and will do better. It is really helpful because I love to look great, sometimes I start and then with a little achievement I get lazy. Then after a while I have to start all over.

    1. Glad you’re getting the rest you need! I get the same, I have to keep giving myself new goals and challenges so I don’t settle and get lazy, it can be slow progress sometimes but at least you’re trying well done!

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