How to recover after an injury

Injuries can happen to anyone at any time. When things seem to be going well and you’re running faster or longer or you’re getting stronger by the week and then something just goes and it’s frustrating! If you’ve picked up an injury, and you’re in need of some urgent tips […]

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Best Supersets

Are you like me and have struggled to get more muscle definition? Or maybe wanting to lose fat? Build lean muscle mass? The supersets below will help you achieve those goals. To put it simply, a superset is a set usually made up of two exercises. These exercises are different […]

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What are the major muscle groups?

Knowing what you’re doing is important if you want fast results, a good starting point is learning the muscle groups you’ll be training and how to train them. So what are the major muscle groups? Chest The chest is split up into 3 main areas, the upper chest, the mid […]

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