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I found this company around a month ago whilst scrolling through Instagram one night. I liked their name and decided to check out their account. Personally, I have a keen interest in fitness so any brand that is fitness orientated I’m intrigued to check out. I realised I’d made the right decision when I found out they have over 50,000 followers on Instagram. Since then, I’ve enjoyed working with them and I want to share that experience with you!

So lets get into it! What do we think of loyal fitness?

Who are Loyal Fitness?

  • A fitness apparel and accessories brand, based in Canada.
  • Were launched in 2016.
  • A business that donates to the charity UNICEF.
  • Have a growing social media presence.

The logo

The crown was chosen to represent becoming the king/queen of achieving personal goals. That is what we want right? To meet our goals and live a happy life. Why not conquer your goals in some clothing based around that exact fact?

The L was chosen to encourage staying loyal to one’s quest for success. I think consistency is the main part of success and having a brand that represents that is perfect. If their vision is to stay committed don’t you think that they’ll be just as committed to their customers?

The products

Loyal fitness provides products for both men and women, which is great because there’s now something for everyone.

The t shirts

The t shirts I’ve tried are very comfy and are made to fit. If you do prefer slightly more clothing then I recommend going a size up. However, if you want to see your muscles pushing hrough your top then take your normal size.

The beanie

I bought a beanie from there, and although it was more expensive than many beanies, this product is literally the best of its kind I’ve ever had. It’s stretchy so it doesn’t feel like your head is being crushed. Also, I’ve got a big head and there’s actually space left, which isn’t often the case. Most importantly it’s warm, perfect for the cold winters in North America or here in the UK.

The stringers

I’ve had mixed feedback about these. Some people are saying “they are very comfy and a good buy” whilst others are saying “the quality isn’t the best”.

The hoodies

They are warm and comfy and look good, three things you want!

The bottoms/leggings

Very comfy and flexible, allow you to move easily whilst training.


The delivery said 1-2 weeks for my first order. The package came on the 1-week mark exactly which was great! I wasn’t sure who would deliver the product because it hadn’t said, however it turned out that it was Royal Mail because I’m from the UK. I was very happy with this since it’s a delivery option I already trust!

They deliver to over 100 countries, making loyal fitness an established brand across the world.

Contacting Loyal Fitness

You can contact Loyal Fitness in several ways, by email, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve found that any message I’ve sent to loyal fitness has been replied to very quickly considering they are a busy business! It goes to show that their customer service is great!

I’d recommend messaging them on Instagram since that seems to be their most active page. It’s also a place to see all of their products on a model to give you a better idea of the product.

What do we think of loyal fitness?

In a fitness clothing brand, we want something comfy, usually a light fabric that breathes am I right? Some of you may also want something trendy! It can be difficult going to the gym, so wearing comfy and trendy clothing can help you feel better! I know gym isn’t about being the best looking person there based on clothing but why not wear something you feel good in? Loyal fitness provides all of that.

One of my favourite fitness brands is Gymshark, and here’s how it compares with loyal fitness.

The Gymshark brand is one that believes in helping people achieve their goals and dreams and doing it in the best clothing! They have grown to be one of the leading fitness brands in the world and possibly the most widely known. Loyal fitness is similar in the sense that they want to see people reach their goals and they want to help the less priviliged in the process. They have a similar vision to Gymshark and this makes them a company to believe in.

Why choose Loyal Fitness?

Loyal Fitness is dedicated to bring the best quality products for a minimal price to their customers; and to ensure you fall in love with them with your first order.

  • Before sale, products are thoroughly inspected to ensure each product has no defects or problems.
  • Many samples are created each month to satisfy your evolving fitness desires.
  • Order(s) ship 1-3 days after purchase and shipment to over 100 countries.
  • Committed to helping YOU reach your goals.
  • Formed in 2016 and experiencing tremendous growth and improvement.
  • They want to be the next big thing which is admirable.
  • Quick customer service.
  • They donate a portion of their revenue to UNICEF so by purchasing from them you’re helping the less priveliged.

Are you sold yet?

Loyal fitness are an up and coming brand, they have a clear vision just like Gymshark, and look where they are. I think we’re all going to be seeing a lot more of loyal fitness in the next few years.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in supporting loyal fitness then use my code NICKCOOKE10 at for 10% off fitness clothing for both men and women. There’s also many accessories on the site to improve your gym experience. Additionally, feel free to ask me any questions about the brand and I will answer them as soon as I can.

What are your thoughts currently about loyal fitness? Leave a comment below, would love to hear it! I’ll link the loyal fitness social accounts below so you can check them out! Can I ask you to use my link to loyal fitness if you wish to purchase, it will help this site to keep going! Thank you.


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